This is not a photograph, it's a complete Virtual Tour

Click and drag to move around.  Go explore for a while.  We can do this for your business and embed it at any size starting from any viewpoint and repeat as many times as you wish.

    Welcome to Business View Photo, Boulder's First Fully Certified Google Trusted Photographer.  We have been fortunate enough to work with some of Boulder's most established and well known businesses providing us a chance to get to know their staff, their business models, and more importantly, an understanding of what it takes to thrive as a business in this tight-knit community. 


  • Do you want a tool for your business that can change it for the better?  
  • One that has no shelf life and costs you a small one time fee?  
  • Would you rather spend your hard earned money on something of proven quality, or on something unproven?
  • Would you rather use a photography company backed by over 20 years of quality proven experience in every type of photography imaginable?
  • We have been trusted by
    • Four Seasons Hotel - Denver, CO
    • Hotel Boulderado - Boulder, CO
    • Jax Fish House and all 4 Locations - (Denver, Glendale, Boulder, Fort Collins)
    • West End Tavern - Boulder, CO
    • Lola - Denver, CO
    • Mateo - Boulder, CO
    • Japango - Boulder, CO
    • The Sticker Giant - Longmont, CO
    • Hotel Columbia - Telluride, CO
    • Lionsgate Event Center - Lafayette, CO
    • Acme Healing Center - 9 Locations throughout Colorado
    • Peppercorn - Boulder, CO
    • Hospice and Palliative Care Campus - Grand Junction, CO
    • iSupportU - Boulder, CO
    • Crispin Porter + Bogusky - Worldwide
    • New Sheridan Hotel - Telluride, CO
    • Edge Restaurant - Denver, CO
    • The Dairy Center for the Arts - Boulder, CO

And on and on and on.  Our portfolio leaves no industry out.  But what's more important is that every single business listed has two major things in common: 1. Business View Photo  2. Not a single one has asked us to uphold our guarantee.  

    The way we handle our approach to Google Business Photos is much different than you will find with any other photographer or agency.  Instead of focusing on the numbers (numbers of shoots, number of photographs, number in the bank account or on the check, etc.) we actually make it a point not to focus on those.  Our goal is to listen to your needs, understand your strengths and weaknesses as a business and provide you a custom built solution that we back up with a guarantee.  If you offer a legitimate product or service at a fair market price and have quality customer service but could use more customers.  We can guarantee that by inviting us in to offer some guidance, that whatever you end up paying will be pennies on the dollar to what you end up receiving in return. This is not just a line.  We aren't sales people, we're photographers.  

    The above is what has kept us growing and thriving for over 3 years.  We don't only understand it, we live it every day and can back up everything we say with testimonials, references, examples, and more.  We have saved businesses from closing, changed the way they do business so they are more efficient, and continue to maintain 100% positive customer satisfaction.  



    If you already know you want this for your business then there really is only one phone number, one email address to use and it is right below.  We guarantee your expectations will be exceeded.      

Phone: (303)882-4134


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Look at these two beautiful businesses we were able to immortalize.  If it weren't for the one on the right  I would be confused seeing the for the first time and would say something like nice photo, I suppose.  But then I would be shown the magic within, that this is a digital duplicate of being there in person and then a demonstration would begin by handing me the mouse, tablet, phone.  And I would be able to explore around this great place and see it as though I were actually there on that day.

I can tell you I still get chills going through these and past tours we have published.  Altogether Business View Photo has photographed, edited, and published several hundred of these if not more.  In the beginning we would count and celebrate by exploring this newly minted duplicate of not just a moment, but of a period of time.  The counting started to feed my ego in a way I did  not like or want, so from number 61 on I have not counted.     Our Mission at Business View Photo is not to make Google Virtual Tours for businesses.  There's plenty of people out there doing that. What our goal has been from day 1 is to find ways to reach businesses that would truly benefit from the use of this tool or other photography and later added on Web Development/SEO/Social Media as something we can help them with too. It's scary for a lot of business owners trying to keep up with all these newly available "things".  We just want you and anyone out there who feels overwhelmed and could use some real quality and honesty backed help to give us a call.  We don't and never never been like a sales team.  I truly want to help and know that this is the best path to take.  Customer Service, Quality Product/Service, and Open/Honest communication are the core values of Business View Photo.  This is who we are and will always be.

Google Virtual Tours is not all we offer

With over 20+ years of photography experience that started at a young age our head Photographer, James, has many abilities, tools, and techniques learned over the years that will always produce the result you are looking for.  


We are prepared for any type of photo shoot

  • Architectural 
  • Time Lapse (any length of time)
  • Action Photographer (Sports, Skydiving, Wildlife)
  • Surveillance
  • Photojournalism
  • Arial (From Drone, Helicopter, or Airplane)
  • Product Photography (From Automobiles to small handmade items)
  • Landscape/Art (Printing on many mediums of any size and can be custom requested)
  • Macro (Close Up)
  • Portraiture
  • Real Estate (Commercial and Residential with option for still or Virtual Tour)
  • Glamour Images
  • Before and After

The tools we have on hand:

  • Full Studio
  • Full variety of lighting for any occasion
  • Portable and AC
  • Backdrop and stand capable of 20'H x 20'W
  • All Canon Photo equipment except for GoPro
  • Canon 7D M II body
  • Canon 5D M III Body
  • Wireless Remote System
  • Adobe Creative Suite and years of experience using all of it
  • GoPro Black Edition
  • Enough Batteries and Memory Cards to last for 5 days of continuous shooting
  • Infinity table top plastic molded backdrop
  • Great for website product shots

Every lens needed for any situation

  • 50mm F/1.2
  • 10-20mm F/3.5
  • 35mm F/1.2
  • 300mm f/2.8
  • 8mm f/3.5 with Pano Head
  • 28mm-135mm f/3.5-f4.5
  • And more available depending on the situation
  • Artistic eye for creativity when necessary

We've been known to hang our cameras from paracord and use a wireless remote

  • Money Back guarantee on everything we shoot
  • Guarantee is based off of your expectations and allows us 3 attempts to correct anything needed.  After the 3rd attempt we will refund half of your deposit and allow you to keep the images.We have never had to honor this in over 20 years